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Sun sign


Whenever a Palmist reads a palm, he not only reads the palm alone but also the essential part which draws his full attention is ‘fingers’ in a hand. Fingers have four essential traits which are to be read together i.e. length of fingers, phalanges of the fingers, setting of the fingers and shape of the fingers.

Evenly set fingers are very rare to be seen but whenever such setting is seen it can be safely predicted that such people are one of their and extremely successful people.

Uneven setting of fingers and especially the mercury finger if very low show that such people lack confidence.

Setting of the fingers if arch-shaped shows that the person is well balanced and thoughtful.

There are four fingers in a hand namely Index (first), Middle (second), Ring (third) and Little (fourth). Relation of fingers with planets is established as below.

Index finger - Jupiter
Middle finger - Saturn
Ring finger – Sun
Little finger – Mercury

Mounts play great role in palmistry. Each finger has its own mount below itself. The more fleshy the mount is, more developed that trait is of the person.

Index Finger:

This finger represents desire for recognition in a person and ego of the person. This finger indicates fortune and career. Its length is considered normal if it reached the middle of the first phalange of Middle finger. If it is longer than the normal it makes a leader and director. If it is shorter it tends to make you back bencher and let others control you. If Index finger is long the Jupiter is considered strong and vice versa. If Ring finger is longer than Index finger it is then very much true.

People with long index finger have desire to dominate over others and keen to advance in life.

Smaller index finger makes a person less ambitious and a follower of others. If a person has short index finger he likes to work alone or becomes self employed. He becomes shy, afraid he will fail and inclined to have self-doubts.

Middle Finger:

The Middle finger is also called the finger of Saturn. It represents the traits of Saturn in a person.

If the middle finger is remarkably long, such people prefer seclusion and remain aloof from others. They live in their own world. They get involved in some anti-social activities also.

If this finger is normal i.e. longer than other fingers but not much long, then that person has enough sense of responsibility. They treat others seriously and believe in getting ahead.

A person who has small middle finger is careless and prefer generally not to work.

Ring Finger:

This finger is also called the Ring of Apollo and Ring of Sun. This ring indicates about a person’s desire for name and fame and it makes a person a leader or head of the organization. It also relates to intelligence. Long Ring Finger denotes creative nature. Such people go well in the field of fashion designing and Arts. Long finger also denotes about risk taking habits such as gambling or speculative tendencies of a person. Long Ring finger will be considered only when it is longer than index finger.

A person with small ring finger does not desire for fame and ostentation and does not take any risk. Such fingers i.e. short ring fingers are rarely found.

Little finger:

This finger is called the Finger of Mercury. It represents wit and eloquence and one’s ability to communicate. The finger is of normal length if it is up to the end of the first phalange of ring finger. If it is below that point it is considered small. A person with small little finger can not speak out his mind and suffers from an inferiority complex. Such people can not control their words or emotions.

A long little finger is indicative of talent within. Such people are able to express themselves very well and they put forth their point of contention well. Such people have good I.Q. level and come up as good writers and speakers.

A short finger indicates childlike behaviour and low intelligence level. In some cases a person becomes a victim of child abuse. Such people lack the ability to influence others.

Thick base of the little finger makes a person interested in material and sensual world and person prefers an easy and comfortable life.

Tip: Little finger if stands apart from the Ring finger then you tend to be independent.

Major indications of different fingers –
Index Finger: Ambition, Self-esteem and Desire to lead.
Middle Finger: Responsible.
Ring Finger: Fame, Intelligence and Creativity.
Little Finger: Wit, Communication power, Health and Professionalism.

The Thumb:

Thumb represents the whole hand and utmost importance is given to it in identifying a person. A palmist must read the thumb before reading the lines. Thumb indicates life energy and will power of a person. A thumb has two phalanges. First phalange indicates will power in a person whereas second phalange indicates logic. First phalange should be shorter than the second phalange because will power must be less than the logic. A decision must be based on the logic not on whims and fancies.

A long thumb is a good indication in a hand because it makes a person capable of taking good decisions but very long thumb is not considered good. A thumb if straight makes a person tough, rigid, determined, reliable but such people have no friends due to their rigidity. More flexible thumb makes a person less trustworthy & spendthrift. Due to their flexible nature they have more friends but can not be managers of head of any organization as they do not stand to their words.
They are not capable of achieving long term goals. They only know how to enjoy life and are never serious in life.

Hence, it can be safely said that less flexible thumb is the best thumb.

Thumb opening also gives an indication of the personality of a person. If opening of the thumb is sixty percent it indicates that the person is careful. If it is ninety percent then the person takes risk but remains judicious. If it goes beyond ninety percent to say 120 percent, the person is more prone to risk and the risk remains uncalculated and rash.

A person with waist-type thumb has less physical power, but in arguments they are powerful.

A high set thumb indicates about meanness in money matters whereas low set thumb denotes generosity.

Pointed tip thumb indicate creativity and intelligence. A wide thumb makes a person obstinate. A squarish fore part of the thumb makes a person clever in legal matters, a true leader and a realist.

Shape of fingers and their effects:

Long and slim fingers signify emotional nature of a person. Heavy fingers show more of physical activities.

Conical fingers denote sensitivity and such people take care of their looks and appearance more.

Pointed fingers represent spiritualism. Such people are more of imaginative type and cautious. They are flexible by nature. They love nature and its beauty.

People having square fingers are business minded, rational, practical and down-to-earth. They are conventional and conservative in behaviour.

People with spatulate fingers are realist, adventurers, travellers and prefer outdoor life. They value work and have good command over many subjects and have in depth knowledge over the matter. Scientists, engineers, technicians and high-end workers have such fingers.

A person with straight fingers is considered honest, diligent, energetic and judicious by nature. They do well in life.

People with knotty fingers are extremely practical and great planners. They are straight forward many a times.

Fingers in general represent our thoughts. A long fingered person is analytical and academic and goes in details of the things.


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