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Sun sign

The Elementary or lowest type

Physical Characteristics
It is coarse and clumsy with large, thick and heavy palm. Fingers and nails are short. Thumb is also very short and thick. The palm carries few lines and there is very little to be seen on the palm.

Personal Characteristics
Such people displays a lack of enthusiasm and have no imagination. They are concerned only with daily existence. This person is largely intolerant of a nasty situation, and can get violent when provoked. They possess a certain low cunning instinct. These are people without aspiration. Simply they eat, drink, sleep, and die.

The persons having this type of hand are mainly laborers and are involved in violent sports, like boxing.

The Philosophic or the wisdom type hand

Physical Characteristics
This hand is long, narrow, slender, with tapering fingers and long almond-shaped nails. It lacks beauty, energy and strength. The width of the palm is less in comparison to length. The nerves in the hand are prominent and visible. They have a very strong theory in any matter but the practical side is weak. They offer very strong arguments on any matter. They prefer knowledge than money.

Personal Characteristics
Such hands are found mainly in India. People with such a hand are likely to be students of a particular subject. They are philosopher kind of people and are religious by nature. They study mankind and they play their own way. They like to be distinct from others, They love mystery in all the things. Such People are generally egotistical. The joints of fingers are developed whereas fingers are smooth and pointed.

Such people are generally teachers, thinkers, philosophers and world leaders.

The Psychic or the Idealistic hand

Physical Characteristics
This hand is small, slender with smooth fingers. The palm is medium sized, and the nails long and tapering. The thumb is small, elegant and graceful.

Personal Characteristics
This is a most beautiful but rare hand. This is considered as one of the unfortunate hands. They take decisions by emotions. Such people are visionary. They are weak by nature and always need energy and strength. They think much more than required. Such people lead a very confused and indisciplined life. They are gentle, quiet, confiding and trustworthy. They are purely visionary and idealistic by nature. They are very religious by nature and love music, etc. They are generally parasite by nature meaning thereby that they are always dependent on others. Such people are ruled by planet Moon. They are hyper-sensitive. These hands are similar to the hands of ladies.

People with this hand are magicians, clairvoyants and religious saints.

The Spatulate type of hand

Physical Characteristics
The fingers of this hand are flattened like a spatula. The most characteristic feature is the large and broad thumb. It is extremely broad near the base and tapers towards the fingers. It is usually found crooked and irregular.

Personal Characteristics
The most striking characteristic is of their independence of spirit. The same spirit makes them explorers and discoverers. They follow their own rules of engineering and machines to seek the unknown. They have a quest for knowledge. They are energetic. These people are highly individualistic. Such people break all the rules of set mechanism if they are in the field such as singer or actors, doctor or preacher because they have their way of looking at things.

People with this hand are mainly inventors, artisans, creators and genius, explorers, navigators, astronauts, and engineers.


This hand is considered as the most useful hand. This hand as a whole comprises square palm, square fingers and nails. This hand carries a large thumb.

The nature of such people is of what, why, how? The majority of such people is male i.e. around 80%. They are target oriented people. They are not talkative type. This is one of the best hands. Sun, Mars and Mercury are mainly their ruling planets.

Such people are most practical and logical. They are honest, reliable, orderly, punctual and precise in manner. They lead most disciplined life. They avoid imaginative ideas and love practical things. They respect the authority or the rule. They respect law and order. They follow the customs and trends. They are determined in opposition but are not quarrelsome. They prefer reasoning to instinct, peace to war. They are methodical and systematic in work and habit.

They are fond of exact sciences and practical studies. They are generally in agriculture or commerce. Such people love home and homely duties. They are honest businessmen, true friends, principled people and true in promises.

Such people are mainly businessmen, scientists, doctors, engineers, executives, lawyers or technicians.

This hand is considered as the artistic hand. The fingers are generally smooth and nails are of the shape of cones, hence the name. This hand has some mixture of square hand i.e. the palm is bit broad, thick and large and thumb huge.

Such people by nature are impulsive and artistic instincts. They are sensitive and emotional. They are dreamers. They are clever, quick in thoughts and ideas. They have not patience. They tire easily. They can not carry long term plans. Such hand is mostly found in Bengal territory. Such people love art and craft. They have superb communication skill. They are sensual by nature. They are easily swayed by the people they come in contact. They carry their likes and dislikes to extremes. They are generally short-tempered but soon calm down. They are generous and sympathetic but selfish also where their own comfort is concerned.

People of such hand are mainly painters, sculptors, musician or poets i.e. all creative fields. Such hands are generally pink, soft with many lines on palm. If the hand is less flexible, they rise to a good height.


The mixed hand is most difficult to define. It is a combination of all types of hands described above. This hand is a mixture of different classes such as artistic, useful or practical hand, philosophical and elementary, psychic or conic hands.

The fingers in this hand also carry the same traits such as one spatulate, one square, one philosophic or one conic etc. Such people have a variety of ideas and their application. They are versatile and clever but erratic in application of their talents.

Such hand is very common and frequently found everywhere and in every society.



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