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Sun sign

The Palm

A bunch of bones nearly 14 when joined together give a shape to the palm. These bones are very small. The finger part of the palm is made of three bones and thumb made of 2 bones and the upper part of the fingers and thumb is protected by nails. The palm extends from wrist to the base of the fingers and thumb. The whole portion from the wrist to the first phalange of the fingers and thumb is called the ‘Hand’.

There are many lines on the palm either thin or thick, big or small, fine or rough which indicate the life force of an individual. The clear and deep lines indicate success while broken and thin lines indicate negativity and failure in one’s life. The palm consists of four prominent lines which are Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line and Fate Line.

There are four types of palm namely Wide, Too Wide, Narrow, Square.

Wide Palm:

The wide palm indicates good health, stout body and evenly balanced structure of the body. The wide palm consists of good proportion of palm vis-à-vis fingers.

Too Wide Palm:

Such palm is more thick and heavy than the wide palm with exaggerated Mounts of Venus, Moon Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Such people have violent and rash temperament, deceiving instincts and vicious imagination towards others which even include their near and dear.

Narrow Palm:

Narrow palm means a palm which is more longer than its width. Little space is left therefore for development of Moon, Mars and Mercury mounts. Such people lack good imagination, good IQ level and cheerfulness. They are generally escapist and run away from responsibilities.

Square Palm:

Such palm is generally equal in length and breadth. Such people are practical and active in nature.

They do more of physical activity than mental. They are good organizers and managers. Such people have strong Mars and Jupiter.


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