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Sun sign


Palmistry has been of great interest for humans since the stone age. Notable people such as Paracelsus (1493-1541) and Fludd (1574-1637) brought respectability to palmistry through their writings. In 1901 Scotland Yard adopted the technique of fingerprinting in criminal investigation and identification.

Medical researchers studying skin patterns have discovered a correlation between genetic abnormalities and unusual markings in the hand. Research has confirmed a link between fingerprint patterns and various diseases.

Colour of the Skin in Palmistry

Colour of the palm gives indications about health of the individual. White/Off-white hands often indicate a lack of circulation. Pink colour of hands is usually a sign of good health.. Red may indicate high blood pressure. Blue colour of hands indicate a poor circulation of the blood supply. The normal colour of the palm should be pinkish

Palmists mostly examine your most active hand which is usually the one you write with. This hand shows your current and future trends. The non-active hand show your childhood.

Why do some people have many lines but others have only a few. Well, mostly men will tend to have fewer lines then a woman. The majority of hands will have the four major line : the Fate Line, Life Line, Heart Line and Head Line.

Palmistry does not take away free will. People who have spatulate fingertips usually work outdoor. They are constantly on the move. The are good inventers, scientists, specialist workers, etc.

Square fingertips in palmistry indicates orderly methodical person. For them things must be in proper shape, place and with accuracy. The fingers tend to set close and the tips are smooth. Such men are managers, organizers, businessmen, accountants and successful people in all practical manners. Such women are usually nurses or teachers.

Well if a person has a strong index finger such person likes to lead and make decisions and are good managers and are able to control a large number of staff.
People with small hands do things at a large level. People with big hands do things involving fine detail. But remember size of hand is relevant to your overall body size.

Few people do not have a fate line. Such people are not stable career-wise. They keep on changing their job. They are never settled and they keep on shifting their jobs. Palmistry can also help the employer find the right employee and the simplest way is to look at the fingers. If they lie closer it shows a hard working and stable employee. But if there is wide gap between the fingers, such an employee will cause problems

Few practical tips:


  • Line of Fate

  • Line of Sun

  • Line of Head

  • Line of Life

  • Line of Mercury

  • A line below thumb moving towards Line of Life.


  • Line of Union

  • Line of fate

  • Influence line from Moon & Venus merging in Fate line

  • Line of Mars

  • Heart Line, Head line and Life line together

  • Sun line

  • Examination of the Jupiter Mount and signs

  • Mount of Venus

  • Negative Mars

  • Mount of Mercury

  • Long finger of Mercury (Little finger)

To ascertain PROGENY

  • Vertical lines on the Mount of Mercury

  • Line at the end of second phalange of thumb above Mt. of Venus if having islands (and vice versa no child)

  • Vertical lines on second phalange of fingers

  • Tassels at Heart Line.

  • Line of Fate or a branch of fate line towards Mt. of Jupiter

  • To parallel lines below heart line over positive Mt. of Mars

  • Island at the beginning of life line and at the end of life line gives mystery in birth

  • Heart line thick at Jupiter and thin at mercury No child

  • Lower girdle of venus over first bracelet No child

  • Many lines on Mt of Mercury and a horizontal line cutting those lines No child


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